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US - NEW YORK - TWU Local 100 Rumor control: “MTA Surprised at Local 100 Unity Launches Disinformation Campaign to Weaken Strike”

Thursday 22 December 2005, posted by John Malone

2005/12/21 - TWU Local 100 website - Maybe the MTA believes that TWU Local 100 is split into a dozen warring factions. After all, that’s what the press was reporting, quoting anonymous flyers. Maybe it was just wishful thinking on their part. Whatever the reason, the MTA expected thousands of transit workers to cross lines and report to work: IT NEVER HAPPENED.

Instead, the MTA was stunned to see thousands of union members all over the system picketing, chanting and standing together. One Union - Invincible. So they did what they do best: they lied. They got their friends in the media to help them spread disinformation and rumours, and they started a dirty tricks campaign in order ratched to increase intimidation and scare tactics.

1. DISINFORMATION: A thousand strikebreakers.

THE TRUTH: A couple of hundred, maybe; mainly scared provisionals and probationary employees, mixed with a few disgruntled and bitter workers. The TA has been making shameful threatening phone calls to probies and provisionals.

2. DISINFORMATION: Trains ready to move.

THE TRUTH: Management is just turning on train lights to scare people.

3. DISINFORMATION: TWU International orders members to cross picket lines.

THE TRUTH: The International did what they were ordered to do by the court. The judge prohibited them from “engaging, causing, instigating, inciting, or in any way aiding or abetting or encouraging or condoning a strike.” He told them they had to “notify all members of Local 100 of their obligation to cease any and all strike or strike related activity.” That that they did.

In the 1980 strike, the International did the same thing, while the Local kept the lines strong for 11 days.

Nobody in the TWU has ever ordered Union members to scab.

4. DISINFORMATION: Everybody will be fired.

THE TRUTH: Just another rumor fanned by TA brass. Nobody can be fired for striking. Only for misconduct.




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