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Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti

IJDH works with grassroots groups in Haiti to help develop an effective human rights advocacy program with global outreach. In the U.S., IJDH collaborates with grassroots organizations, including faith-based, solidarity, development, and humanitarian organizations to coordinate advocacy on human rights in Haiti, and networks with solidarity and Haitian Diaspora activists throughout the world. Our work seeks to change the international environment that allows such massive disrespect for social, economic, civil and political rights to flourish.

The Institute gathers information on human rights violations
in Haiti, and relays it to the international human rights
community, media and grassroots groups.We work closely with
others investigating human rights in Haiti, and provide training
and analysis to individuals and organizations interested in
Haiti, including visiting delegations. Our long collaboration
with Haitian grassroots groups and our legal experience in
Haiti allows us to provide consistent, credible information and
analysis. Our documentation is routinely used by advocates
and decision makers, and we are often cited in the press. Shining
a sharp spotlight on human rights abusers and their foreign
support provides protection to potential victims and empowers
pro-democracy advocates in Haiti.

IJDH helps victims of human rights violations pursue cases in
national and international courts. In Haiti, IJDH lawyers represent
political prisoners and persecuted journalists, and document
cases of murder, torture and destruction of property. Outside
Haiti we help prepare cases for international courts and
assist in civil litigation in the U.S. This work aims to stop current
human rights violations, deter future human rights violations
and obtain compensation for victims of past violations.