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Wednesday 20 February 2008, posted by Dial, Redacción AlterInfos

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  • AlterInfos - Latin America: 1955-2556
  • Dial: 1955-253X

 Editorial Committee

Veronica Alfaro (México, United States), Amando Basurto (México, United States), Paola Diaz (Chile, France), Alain Durand (France), Manuela Garza (México, Central America, United States), Edward Gonzalez (Dominican Republic, United States), Delphine Grouès (France, Chile), Clara Ibarra (Colombia, United States), Jérémie Kaiser (France), Nicolas Pinet (France, Chile, United States), Reno Proc (France), Aline Retournard (France, México), Émilie Ronflard (France, El Salvador), Chiara Saez (Chile, España), Dorothée Serges (France, Brazil).

 Contributors (not an exhaustive list)

Daniel E. Benadava (Argentina), Erwan Bernier (México), Andrés Bianque (Chile), Juan Carlos Bossio Rotondo (Peru, South America), Sébastien Brulez (Venezuela), Javier Diez Canseco (Peru), Marcel Claude (Chile), Brian Concannon, Jr. (Haiti), Julio Cortés (Chile), Steeve Coupeau (Haiti), Ricardo Daher (Uruguay, world), Thierry Deronne (Venezuela), Marc-Arthur Fils-Aimé (Haiti), Alejandra Flores (Chile), Franck Gaudichaud (Chile, Latin America), Miguel Guaglianone (Uruguay, Latin America), Manuel Guerrero (Chile), Michael Hogan (United States, Latin America), Jhonny Lazo Zubieta (Bolivia), Marilza de Melo Foucher (Brazil), Fernand Meunier (Colombia), Mauricio Muñoz Díaz (Chile), Nelson F. Núñez Vergara (Ecuador), OCLACC (Latin America), Diego Olivera (Uruguay, Latin America), Xavier Plassat (Brazil), Adrián Ponze (Argentina), Jubenal Quispe (Bolivia), Daniel Rechstein (Canada), Eduardo Rivas (Argentina, Latin America), Sergio Rodríguez Gelfenstein (Venezuela, Latin America), Mauricio Ruano Alfaro (Canada, Latin America), Verónica San Juan (Chile), Pedro Santander (Chile, Latin America), Andrés Soliz Rada (Bolivia), Ernesto Tamara (Latin America, world), Catherine Thénard (Latin America), Sylvia Ubal (Latin America, world), Bruno Van der Maat (Peru), José Venturelli (Chile), Maria Antonieta Vera (Chile), Manuel Villar (Chile), Gaby Weber (Uruguay, Argentina), Ariel Zúñiga (Chile, world).


Barómetro internacional
Centre Tricontinental
Democracy Now!
Europa Latina TV
Revue Volcans


Angela Berrocq, Bernard & Jacqueline Blanchy, Lucile Cranskens, Annie Damidot, Pierre Dauguet, Jean Desgouttes, Marie-Françoise Duriez, Jean-Luc Fourel, Cyrielle Hardenne, Jérémie Kaiser, Lucile et Martial Lesay, Sylvette Liens, Gabrielle Luce-Véronique, Gilles Renaud, Aline Retournard, Cécile Rousseau, Michelle Savarieau, Jean Claude Thomas & Stéphanie Tribondeau.

 Editors (apart from the ones named above)

Jade Latargere, Émilie Lauzy & Églantine Samouth.


  • The association « Les Amis de Dial » (SIREN: 499 004 190) constitutes the institutional framework for Dial & AlterInfos.

 Copyright issues

Articles published on the AlterInfos - Dial website belong to their authors. They may be reproduced according to the terms specified by the Creative Commons license summed up with these 3 rules: Attribution - Noncomercial - No Derivative Works (by-nc-nd).

This means you can freely copy, distribute and display the works published here under the following conditions:

    • Attribution. You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author or licensor (but not in any way that suggests that they endorse you or your use of the work). We ask you to mention the authors’ and, if any, the translators’ names, the source (AlterInfos - http://www.alterinfos.org or Dial - http://enligne.dial-infos.org) and to link to the article in its original location.
    • Noncomercial. You may not use this work for commercial purposes. Si desea hacerlo, contactarnos.
    • No Derivative Works. You may not alter, transform, or build upon this work.

 Protection of personal information

In accordance with the law on protection of personal information (Loi informatique et libertés) voted on January 6th, 1978, you have a right to access, modify and suppress any personal data we might hold. Should you wish to exercise this right, please contact us.


The opinions expressed herein in the articles and comments are those of their authors and do not necessarily reflect those of AlterInfos. Insulting or injurious comments will be deleted without previous notice. AlterInfos is a pluralist media with a sensibility leaning toward the left. It tries to echo emancipatory projects and struggles. Comments oriented towards the opposite direction will not be published here, but they will surely find another space on the web to do so.

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