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S.O.S, It’s not Venezuela, it’s Mexico

Ilka Oliva Corado

Monday 4 July 2016, posted by Ilka Oliva Corado

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Mexico is being kidnapped, tortured, massacred, and disappeared by none other than the government of Peña Nieto.

The urgent question we ask ourselves is, what are Almagro and the OAS waiting to apply the Democratic Charter to Peña Nieto? Is it not the government violating the human rights of Mexican citizens? Doesn’t the government incite and exerts the violence through its armed wing? Isn’t the Peña Nieto government kidnapping, torturing and massacring citizens? Is it not pillaging the country? Is it not repressing social demonstrations? Isn’t the government conducting a genocide?

What else does Almagro need to implement as a matter of great urgency the Democratic Charter, and denounce the dictatorship of Peña Nieto to the international community? Aha! It is because is not Maduro or Venezuela. Where are Hillary Clinton, Obama and Biden denouncing to the international community the slaughter Peña Nieto is conducting against its own people, the same way they have denounced the "dictator" Maduro?

Where are Uribe and his clique denouncing Peña Nieto and demanding the US military intervention in Mexico, as they do regarding Venezuela?

Where are the presidents of the world condemning the murder of teachers in Oaxaca by the government, as they did in Orlando’s massacre? Aha! It is because it is not the United States, and there in Oaxaca they don’t need to make a good impression.

In Mexico, terrorism is conducted by the government. Why Telemundo, Televisa, Univision and CNN in Spanish are not denouncing this, as they do in their ten minutes of daily newscast dedicated to Venezuela and to attack Maduro? Peña Nieto kills students and teachers with complete freedom. He is murdering journalists, human rights defenders, peasants and trade unionists. He takes de liberty of murdering children, adolescents and women. Femicides in Mexico exceed those of Latin America. He has filled the country with clandestine graves and contributing to the bloodsheding, where is the condemnation and international intervention in defense of the Mexican people?

Where are those international artists who on a daily basis denounce the "famine" that Venezuela is suffering because of the "dictator" Maduro? Where are these same guys denouncing the dictatorship of Peña Nieto in Mexico? What happens to the international media that have created a cloak of impunity to protect the corrupt, rapists and murderers of the Mexican government? Why they don’t denounce and send news correspondents, and perform live links as they do with Venezuela exposing the "calamity" that the Venezuelan people is living at the hands of the "oppressive" Maduro. Great responsibility has the media that remains in silent complicity.

Where is the world saying "We are all Mexico" as they did a week ago with the, "We are all Orlando"? Where are those Mexicans who a few days ago became furious by the monumental loss to Chile in the soccer game of Copa America, why aren’t they angered by what his government is doing with its own people? Is it a soccer game in a tournament marred by FIFA’s corruption more important than social protest in defense of life? Where are those people graduated from college, great orators, and intellectuals traveling around the world giving lectures against Maduro? Where are they now denouncing the genocide being perpetrated by Peña Nieto?

Where is the world voicing its support to Mexico? Mexico is crying out for help; sending alarm signals, of emergency, of disaster, is calling for democracy, for a government that respects its citizens. They are calling for a halt to genocide, kidnapping, torture; a halt to forced disappearances. It calls for a halt to looting, corruption, and the sale of land.

In Mexico we have a mirror, what is happening in that country is what the United States wants to do with the rest of Latin America, what is happening today in Mexico we have already experienced it in Central America Northern Triangle a few decades ago with dictatorships and genocides from which we still are unable to recover.

Do we still have the nerve to ask why the resistance of progressive Latin American governments toward the United States and, why the power of capital is against Venezuela?

The incredible, the inspiring is that in Mexico, despite so much bloodshed, so much oppression, the people continue to resist. I mean, the real people exuding courage and pride, although literally under a hail of bullets.
There is no need to be Mexican, teacher or student, to support the demands of Mexican teachers, we only need to be humans and know that when the cause is just it will arouse the fury of the traitors, and against them we must unite -those of us who want to change the world for a fairer one.

The humble Mexico continues to resist, and not even de United States which regards it as its backyard has been able to overcome that resistance. And then we see the heirs of the Adelitas, Pancho Villa, Emiliano Zapata and Lucio Cabañas shouting from the excited streets: Viva Mexico, cabrones!

And while the world is silent and the media coverage intends to hide the impunity, that cry that bursts from the Rio Bravo to the Usumacinta, which expands over the seas, is the call of the blood that is only hear by those who despite 500 years of genocide and looting, refuse to let Latin America to be the vassal of traitors. And they join to the roar that burst into all corners of the world, and those who do not want to see it, listen to it: Viva Mexico, you bastards! Long live Mexico, even if we get riddle by shrapnel!

No, it is not the Maduro government massacring Venezuelans, it is the Peña Nieto government massacring Mexicans resisting with dignity.

I am Mexico, do you?


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Translated by Marvin Najarro

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